London Travel Tips

There is no doubt that London, the capital city of England, is an exciting and thrilling place to visit. London is a city steeped in historical significance, while managing to be one of the most up-to-date and fashionable cities in the world. There is truly sometimes for everyone in London, covering interests for history fans, lovers of the arts and literature, fashionistas and those who enjoy the thriving nightlife of a big city.

When travelling to London, it is advisable to take advice and learn some London travel tips. Part of what makes the city so thrilling – it’s diversity, history and night life – is what can also make it a confusing place for tourists, and prior research is therefore advised. London travel tips are, thankfully, relatively easy to find and should lead to a truly wonderful experience of this glittering metropolis.

The type of travel tip you require for London depends on what exactly you want to do there. Thankfully, London has made it easy for visitors with particular interests to see all they desire to with as little fuss and confusion as possible. Many attractions within the same sector are grouped together and discount rates apply, the greatest example of this being the London Pass.

London Travel TipsThe London Pass is, without doubt, the most valuable travel tip when it comes to trying to navigate this city. Not only does the pass offer, when purchased, free entry to 55 top London attractions, but the associated paperwork will give ideas and help you discover areas and fun you may never have previously been aware of. For example, when you purchase a full London Pass, you are given a free 128-page guide book which gives specific sites of interest, the entrance fee for all of which is included in the pass.

The London Pass is delightfully simple to use. You can buy a pass for a set amount of days – from one day to a full month – and pay a purchase price up front. When this is complete, you are given a literal pass which is used to enter the best of London’s tourist attractions for free, and all of which can be found using your free guidebook. The Pass often works out cheaper than visiting each attraction alone and paying the entrance fee separately, so it is affordable as well as convenient.

All of the expected London tourist attractions are covered by the London Pass. Sites include the Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Windsor Castle, HMS Belfast and the National Portrait Gallery. A London Pass is also a discount card, production of which at many bars and restaurants will mean a percentage off the total bill or even free extras. Another huge draw of the London Pass is that when visiting tourist attractions, you do not need to wait in line for tickets and can instead enter directly.

Passes start at £39 per day per adult and reduce the longer the pass runs for. The pass can be bought online in advance or from many newsagents and vendors throughout the city. The London Pass is, quite simply, the ultimate travel tip for those travelling to London.