London Travel Deals

There are many reasons to visit England’s capital city, London, and plenty of London travel deals to be had. Finding a deal is simply a matter of deciding what you want to do and when you want to do it; the deals will be in place, and all you have to do is take advantage of them.

One of the best London travel deals are the short stay hotel and a show deals. These are holiday breaks of around two days, which include a hotel stay – usually with a continental or England breakfast – meal in a designated London restaurant and tickets to the show of your choice in the West End. The popularity of these breaks has saturated the market to such an extent that some companies are now offering deals that they only make a few pounds profit on.

If you do want to visit London for a couple of days and take in one of the fabulous West End shows, these breaks are an excellent way to do it. You still get the daytime to enjoy the historical sights of London for yourself, then spend an evening dining in one of London’s top restaurants before moving on to see a show. There is no worrying about co-coordinating your hotel and dining with show times, as it is all done for you.

London Hotel DealsThese London travel deals can be as cheap or as expensive as you like. A basic package can cost as little as L70 – when booked online – and will include a hotel stay, a meal and tickets to the show of your choice. From this base point, you then have the option to add as much as you want. You can upgrade to a higher star hotel – most of the basic packages are with three-star hotels – or a higher class restaurant; or maybe you’d prefer to pre-book your travel from the hotel to the restaurant and then on to the theatre. You can also include other sightseeing packages for the day time, such as an open-top bus tour of the wonderful London sights, or a cruise along the river Thames. The choices are endless, from a cheap and cheerful hotel and theatre deal, to a sumptuous city break which takes in all London has to offer.

As with most European cities, London is busiest during the summer months. This applies particularly to June through to August, when the English schools are on their summer break. While travel deals are still available during this period, it is infinitely cheaper to visit London during the off-season months. All attractions and historical sights are open year round, and hotel rates are cheaper during the winter months. However, as London is a sightseeing city and not somewhere people visit to enjoy the weather, you will not find as big a discrepancy on rates during the winter months as you would with traditional sun holiday destinations. The deals are to be had, and as with most places, booking online and far in advance can save you a lot of money.