London Water Taxis

Getting around London is something that can be done in a great range of ways, some of which are familiar to any city (bus, rail, taxi) and some of which are not possible everywhere in the world. Due to London’s location on a major body of water – the Thames river – there are a range of ways that you can make your way around London by sailing. Many cities are near to major rivers – the early civilizations did not of course have motorized transport so major centers of population grew up around areas with other methods of communication – and London benefits from the Thames river, a waterway which to this day informs a lot of London’s impact upon the world.

Many of the trips taken on the Thames by tourists are commercial sight-seeing trips that travel the length of the river bypassing major landmarks by which this fantastic city will be remembered. These tours are provided by private companies, who tend to lay on a commentator with a great breadth of knowledge about London. Less familiar are the waterway taxis that can take you to a specific location without needing to brave the sometimes crowded and always noisy streets. These are a popular way to see London from a unique perspective – from the perspective from which anyone who traveled to London in times gone past may have seen it.

London Water TaxisObviously there are drawbacks to traveling in a water taxi, the most obvious being of course the fact that very few destinations are in the middle of a river. If you are prone to motion sickness, then there is no point even thinking about getting on a river taxi due to the likelihood of it rocking somewhat on its way to its destination. And there is always the chance that you will get at least a little bit wet. River taxis are a little more open to the elements than other forms of transport. However, the growing popularity of the river taxi as a method of transport may well have a lot to do with some of the above reasons. It is popular, in no small part, because it is so different.

The element of difference is a big, big influence on what makes London such an incredible city, so it only makes sense that you should see this wonderful city in a different way. An all day pass on the waterways can be got for as little as L8.50 – not much over $12 – and will get you back and forward in a way that just is not possible in many other places. The many bridges of the Thames River, and the famous landmarks which can be seen from the water make for a new and amazing experience. One which should be experienced at least once. Details of the different journeys are available on the Transport for London website and will give you a fascinating insight on to this old, astounding city.