Public Transportation London

Few people on earth are more angry than a London motorist. Traffic jams, congestion charge, lack of parking and a lot of other factors can combine to make driving in and out of the city, or within it, a complete nightmare. But it is a very big city and you are not going to get from one end of London to the other by walking, so the solution for most people tends to be public transport. The advantage to public transport as a transportation solution in a large city is that it allows you to plan in advance where you need to go, and at what time.

It also allows you to concentrate on your visit to London without having to worry about driving around one of the world’s busiest cities. If you are planning to go to a number of different places, finding parking space can be a headache. Getting from place to place requires a knowledge of the area, as like any city London can become like a labyrinth for the first-time visitor. Where the car will still have an advantage over any other form of transport is in the fact that, with London being such a big shopping city, getting your purchases from place to place can be a bit of a pain.

Public transport in London is all overseen by one organization – Transport for London (TfL). This is incredibly beneficial as the journey from one side of London to the other, or from a borough in one part to another one somewhere else can take in bus, tube and train journeys. By visiting the TfL website, you can plan an entire journey, with the necessary changes to get you from place to place. You can thus structure your day in London to leave the shopping part until the end of the day, so that you are not hauling shopping bags from place to place.

The other major advantage that public transport in London has over other methods of transport is that it is free for travelers under the age of 14. So if you are traveling with a young family it is possible to get around London really very cheaply. Wherever you want to go will almost certainly be close to a tube station, allowing you to go underground at a price you can afford to make your way around.

London TransportationLondon’s public transport system takes in those famous red buses, arguably the most famous underground metro system on earth – known as “the Tube” – overground trains and the famous black taxis. Getting around will require some forward planning and some flexibility – because delays happen despite the best-laid plans – but you will have more than one option to get you from place to place, wherever you are in the city. This is one good reason you should always take public transport around London – the other really good reason being the congestion charge!