Airport Transfers

On landing at any one of London’s many airports you will notice the marked lack of palaces around you. This is because the airports, as in most of world, are actually some distance from the city. To be specific, some of them are a very large distance from the city. The confusion comes with the naming process of airports in the south of England. The airport in Luton, for example, is known as London Luton airport, despite the fact that it is a two-hour journey away from the capital. Luton is its own town, completely separate from London. Equally, Stansted airport is named London Stansted despite being more than thirty miles away.

Most flights taking you in the direction of London will land at either Heathrow or Gatwick, both of which are within close reach of Central London. These are the best airports to fly in to because of their greater accessibility for the capital, but you can expect as a result that your flight will be somewhat more expensive. However, what you spend in getting a more direct flight you may well save yourself in terms of fares between the airport and the city. It also means you will spend less time on a connecting bus or train, leaving less time between touching down on the runway and getting into the cut and thrust of your London holiday.

Your connection between airport and city center will be in any one of a number of forms, whichever one that you choose will depend on your taste. Connecting buses run between different airports, as well as shuttle buses that will take you from any terminal at the airport directly to either train station or bus station, or even to a hotel in the region of the airport.

You may prefer to take a taxi between the airport and the city. This is a popular option for many as it allows them to decide when they go and they can just load themselves and their luggage into the cab, give their destination and go straight from terminal to end destination. If you are going into Central London, then you should expect to spend up to L30-35, although sometimes fares will be lower. If you should happen to be traveling with a colleague who speaks with an English accent (preferably from London or a nearby county), it may be best to get them to do the talking. Although taxi drivers are expected to behave honorably and a great number of them have no problem doing so, you can still fall victim to a taxi driver running up the cost on a passenger they know or suspect is a tourist.

As with many things, your choice of transport between London’s airports and the city center will depend greatly upon your own personal needs and taste. But in terms of public transport, London has made great advances in recent years so you should find that everything goes fairly smoothly.