Walking Tour London

Enjoying a sightseeing tour of London from aboard an open top bus may have a certain classical charm, but for some tourists it is simply too detached. The desire to be among the throng of this most historical of cities, to touch and see and experience thousands of years worth of history, is simply too overwhelming and viewing it from atop a bus is a seemingly alien concept.

If you fall among this category of people who wish to see and feel London in a deeper way, but still want the advantage of having a tour guide with expert knowledge on what you will be seeing and feeling, then London provides. The city is used to accommodating tourists and has engineered every possibly sightseeing jaunt there can be, from the bizarre to the mundane, but never without a sense of true British flair. The answer to the detachment of the bus tour is simple; book yourself a London walking tour.

Walking Tour LondonThe advantages of a London walking tour are plain and simple. You are able to be guided, usually by someone with expert knowledge, through a part of the city. Rather than just taking photographs of the outside of buildings, you can actually see and feel the building itself and hear of its history as you stand in its shadow. It is a far more realistic experience, and particularly useful for anyone who harbors a love for history – there is nothing quite like actually being there, breathing the air and touching the stone that has been there for hundreds of years. This is living history rather than just viewing it from that most modern of inventions, the bus. A London walking tour is the key to placing yourself right where you need to be.

It is perhaps wise, if one wishes to cover as much of London as possible, to use a mix of both walking and bus tours when in London. The reason for this is simple geography; London is a large city, with many of its attractions spread over wide distances. A prime example of this are two of the best known Tudor historical sites that have become wildly popular tourist traps; Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London. There are few tourists of London who don’t want to visit at least one and many that want to visit both, but they are inconveniently many miles apart. It is therefore important to reserve a walking tour of London for the areas you have the most fervent interest in, and see the rest from a bus where you can stop at key points.

The duration of a London walking tour depends utterly on the company that runs it, and one can therefore find something that suits them. Some tours are short jaunts around a small area that happens to have a lot of attractions and historical sites, while some are more spread. A popular, but exhausting, walking tour is one that follows the route of the Great Fire of London that took place in 1666. The tour begins where the fire did, on Pudding Lane, and lasts for hours as you follow the spread of the flames and see their most damaged areas. The tour cannot take in it all, and tends to end with a lecture before the great cathedral of St. Paul’s, one of the most famous casualties of the fire. It is, nevertheless, a novel way to enjoy London and experience some of that priceless history – just remember to wear comfortable shoes!

Our recommendation:  London walking tour, and you will see many great attractions of London!