Sightseeing Tours

Upon visiting London, there is so much to see and do that it can be a little daunting trying to put together your own itinerary. After all, unless you are fully versed on all aspects of English history, social advance and cultural relevance, it is easy to miss the best London has to offer purely because you are unaware of it.

For anyone who has neither the time nor the inclination to spend hours planning a thorough tour of London, the prospect of a London sightseeing tour is a welcome relief. Instead of worrying about what to see, what to do and trying to navigate your way through London public transport to get between each attraction, one can simply let a tour company do the work for you.

In a city with the size and scope of London, this is advantageous in the extreme. Even if you have a specific interest in something from London’s history or a specific desire to visit a tourist attraction that is not included on the general tours, there is still much to be taken from a London sightseeing tour. At the very least, you can become as familiar as possible with the city and it’s attractions, before peeling off on your own to visit your personal sites of interest.

It is remarkably easy, both before entering London and while actually in England’s capital, to find a sightseeing tour that interests you. Many tours are designated to no particular niche, but instead aim to cover the highlights of London. These can be short, brisk and perfect if you want nothing more than a quick photograph opportunity, or these tours can be more detailed, allowing you to really absorb the history of the city.

Niche tours, too, are available. If, for example, you have a particular interest in green and ecological living, you can partake in a tour that focuses on how London is becoming a city enriched with history but thoroughly in the present. You can also take specific ghost tours, visiting the most haunted sites in London, or tours designed to show the areas of historical significance for the English monarchy.

In a city the size of London, being able to get on and off a tour is essential, and thus most tour operators work do not sell tickets for the tour itself but in the form of a day pass. This means that you can get on and off the tour for the duration of your ticket, meaning you can essentially enjoy a tour guided transport system through the city, which allows you to disembark at sites of particular interest.

London sightseeing tours are enduringly popular and their popularity seemingly knows no bounds, therefore they are freely available. One can prebook on the internet before even setting foot in the city, or book in the city itself from your hotel, a tourist office – of which there are hundreds – or even just approaching a company on the street.
Prices for London sightseeing tours vary depending on the depth, scope, duration and ticket price. A basic tour lasting an hour, without the on and off facility, should cost no more than L8. A full day pass that allows you to get on and off the bus at leisure will usually be priced at around L20, with various offers and seasonal changes available.