London Ghost Tours

London is a city of a rich history, offering hundreds of years of civilisation for any eager tourist. It has been the central hub of England for nearly a thousand years, a scene of crime and conflict; it is therefore little wonder that it is considered one of the most haunted cities on earth. So much of London is as it was hundreds of years ago, making it an ideal place for anyone wishing to indulge in a ghost tour.

There are many, many tour operators taking advantage of London’s history and offering London ghost tours. These can be found online, within tour guides and on the streets of London itself. An excellent guide for any London ghost tour is the book ‘Haunted London’ by Richard Jones, which details all of the ghosts said to reside within the city.

With such a vast array of different ghost tours available in the city, it is best to try and decide what you want to see before booking a tour. Different tours offer different specialities ranging across the city; it can be difficult to know what to see.

London Ghost ToursTo begin with, one of the most macabre but nevertheless exciting London ghost tours available centres around Jack the Ripper. Jack the Ripper was a legendary murderer, who brutally murdered several women – the exact total is a matter of some dispute, though it is known to be at least five – in Victorian England. The tale is made all the more thrilling in that Jack was never caught; what happened to him, and does his ghost still walk the city streets it once terrorized?

A good Jack the Ripper tour will take in several destinations. A must-stop is the Ten Bells pub on Commercial Street, E1. The Ten Bells was where Mary Kelly was last seen alive in the early hours of November 9th 1988; the next morning, her brutally mutilated body was discovered on the opposite side of the road from the pub itself. Kelly proved to be Jack’s last victim, cementing the Ten Bells into the Jack the Ripper legend forevermore. The building has a long history of sightings of a male, malevolent figure.

Another destination should be Mitre Square, EC3. Although little remains of what was once a Victorian square and meeting place, local tradition dictates that on the anniversary of the killing of Catherine Eddowes – the fourth victim of Jack the Ripper – Catherine’s spectral figure appears at the site of the killing.

If this is all a little too macabre for you, visiting the scenes of some of the most brutal murders in history, there are many other types of London ghost tours available. However, for any ghost hunter, it would be a true shame to miss a visit to the Tower of London. The Tower, which sits on Tower Hill at the centre of the city, has the tag of the most haunted building in London.

Considering it’s bloody history as a royal residence and prison, it is of no surprise that the Tower has earned this moniker. Just some of the ghosts sighted there include Henry VI, who was murdered in the Tower while at prayer. Some of the victims of the reign of Henry VIII, including his wives Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard, are said to return to their place of execution within the Tower walls. The Tower is also full of ghosts of the thousands of prisoners who were held within it’s walls, usually on nothing more than the whim of the King of the time.