The Goring Hotel

Sometimes your needs are particular and specific. Sometimes you do not want to spend your luxury break in one of the larger, more famous hotels that play host to hundreds of guests – even if they do provide luxury with which you just cannot argue and comfort that almost makes one weep. Sometimes exclusivity is what you really long for, and the best way of finding exclusivity is in a smaller independent hotel which is dedicated to its own philosophy of how a hotel should be run. These hotels have their own identity and, while they might not cater to what a mass market wants, this is part of what gives them their exclusivity.

The Goring Hotel, a small luxury hotel found next to Buckingham Palace, is one such hotel. With only 74 rooms, the Goring is clearly not aiming to bring in hundreds of customers at a time to rent cheap rooms and move on after a couple of days. Instead its major selling points are a classic opulence, a quiet, dignified and stately atmosphere. Naturally this comes at a higher price than the average hotel, but the quality in which residents spend their time is considered to make the extra expense worthwhile.

Goring Hotel LondonAnother benefit of staying at the Goring is its proximity to the most famous areas of London. As previously mentioned, it is not only close at hand for Buckingham Palace, but in fact adjacent to it. Its proximity to the Queen’s residence means that it is also close to a number of other tourist attractions and locations of political, historical and national importance. Just a short distance away is found Westminster Abbey, where state weddings, baptisms and funerals are held. A short distance further on are the Houses of Parliament – the House of Commons, where elected Members of Parliament sit, among them the highest member of all the Prime Minister, and the House of Lords, where the hereditary and nominated peers sit.

The Goring Hotel London is, undoubtedly, the ideal location in which to stay if one wishes to witness some of the most important events in the British national calendar. When a new Prime Minister is elected, he travels from Downing Street (also nearby) to Buckingham Palace where the Queen requests that he form a government. The Queen herself travels from Buckingham Palace to the Houses of Parliament every year for Parliament’s state opening, where she makes a speech giving her assent that those elected may govern. Trafalgar Square and Westminster Abbey, both venues for major state occasions, are also within easy reach of the Goring Hotel’s location in Grosvenor Gardens. So if one is keen to find a good location from which to attend a major British occasion, the Goring Hotel is very hard to beat.

For this unbeatable location and the phenomenal quality of its rooms (fit for a King or Queen, you might say, you will need to pay a premium. L330 (around $475) is the lowest price that you will pay for a room, but it is broadly accepted to be well worth the expense.