Dorchester Hotel London

There are many different views of London. Depending on your own point of view it might be a thriving cosmopolitan metropolis, just another city or even, in some people’s eyes, a quaint little city like in the TV and cinema adaptations of Charles Dickens novels. The truth of the matter is that London is such a varied city that your own eventual experience of it will depend very much upon which part of London you stay in, and where you go while there. If you tend towards the “quaint” aspect of things, then you will be best served by a traditional – some might say old-fashioned – hotel like the Dorchester. There can be few locations more steeped in old world values nor more pregnant with historical significance than the Dorchester.

Located in Westminster, the Dorchester faces out across Hyde Park and gives a real feel that you are in the London that you have read about in books. For fans of opulence, it provides the kind of experience that is rarely found elsewhere and makes for a real change from the norm. Dining rooms (with a smart casual dress code, although you must make sure that you do not wear trainers, shorts or baseball caps) include the Krug Room, which is found deep within the kitchen of the hotel and allows diners to feel as though the experience is all about them.

Dorchester Hotel LondonThe history of the Dorchester is quite unique. During the Second World War, the hotel was still quite a new build and consequently had the reputation of being an exceedingly safe building. It was for this reason that the Dorchester, created, designed and built by men who had all been or would all go on to be knighted, was chosen as headquarters for a number of important members of the War Cabinet. US General Dwight D. Eisenhower stayed there in 1942, and the rooms where he stayed are now bestowed with the name The Eisenhower Suite. Winston Churchill, too, had rooms there and famously had a wall added to his balcony in order to give him more privacy. The wall remains in place today. Even after a major refurbishment between 1988 and 1990, the Dorchester has effortlessly retained the aura of quality that these names have imprinted upon it.

To this day it is fair to bet even money that a celebrity who is in town from abroad on a promotional tour or on other business will stay at the Dorchester. The list of actors who have been patrons of the hotel includes some of the most eminent and most bankable box-office stars. The hotel itself has starred in a film (after a fashion), with a replica of one of its rooms featuring in the concluding scenes of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

It is natural, given all the above facts, that one would want to stay at the Dorchester. If you wish to make that dream a reality it will set you back in the region of $400 – but what a way to spend that money! Compare online hotel booking site prices to get the best deals on Dorchester Hotel London!