Bentley Hotel London

Filled as it is with top class hotels, London will inevitably have some that are well-known to all prospective customers and quite a few that slip under the radar. While the big names will take much of the publicity, there are many other fine hotels in London that have quietly gained a reputation for being luxurious and exclusive – as people scrape the money together to go to the hotels with the bigger names these lesser known jewels remain discreet, almost secretive, sanctuaries from the madding crowd.

The Bentley Hotel is one such place. Named on its website as one of London’s best-kept secrets, it is tucked away in the affluent residential area of Kensington and Chelsea. Though tucked comfortably away from major thoroughfares and thus guarding its quiet exclusivity, the Bentley is close to hand for locations such as the Kings Road – a Mecca for the clothes shopper with its myriad boutiques – and is walking distance from Harrods, perhaps the most famous shopping location in the world.

Bentley Hotel LondonA forward thinking traveler to London might well be best advised to stay at the Bentley as, among other things, it has a range of amenities from the fun – award winning restaurant, cocktail lounge and spa – to the practical such as walk-in showers, personal safes and Internet access. All of this and you can stay there while feeling relatively safe from the intrusion of hundreds of other people. The Bentley has only sixty four bedrooms, each decorated with a level of attention to detail which makes the hotel a perfect location for a getaway break. Business trips are also much more rewarding when spent at the Bentley, as it provides a perfect location for meetings of a more casual nature in an environment that will impress anyone who visits.

Bentley Hotel also offers a service that British hotels simply could not provide until a few years ago – there is scope to get married here, and within that, scope to hold the wedding however you wish. Whatever your religion or your dream wedding, the Bentley’s dedicated wedding team will do everything within their capabilities to make it come true. With a flexible range of locations, there is no reason to compromise on your big day. Just turn up with your most beloved and enjoy the day the way it should be – all designed for you. Just make sure that you arrange things in advance – once you have licence to marry in the area, the Bentley will take care of the rest, including the cake.

The rooms themselves are spacious, luxurious and filled with every amenity you could wish for. Entertainment, security and comfort are all guaranteed, with allowances made for convenient calling on the room service, a television system that lets you choose movies or music from an On Demand library, and much more. For this, rooms will start at L450 (nearly $650). But if you have it to spend, it is one heck of a rewarding way to spend it.