Marriott Marble Arch London

The Marble Arch is not simply one of London’s most famous structures. It is a stopping point and a landmark in the truest sense (that is to say that it marks a location from which other important areas of London can be navigated to) as well as a piece of history all on its own. Few people will go to London specifically to see the Marble Arch, but its importance as an attraction and its place in history are well appreciated by those in the know. Depending on which direction you take from the Marble Arch you can end up in London’s financial district, shopping locations, among the museums and areas of great historical interest, or in the West End itself, home to much of London and the United Kingdom’s theatrical scene.

Located at the Western End of Oxford Street, the Marble Arch has historical significance for the part it has played in the story of the United Kingdom’s Royal Family. The arch itself played a ceremonial role in Royal processions for a great many years, and still has a part to play from time to time although there have been fewer Royal occasions in recent years than once there were thanks to the stability enjoyed by the current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. In the past only members of the Royal Family and their artillery were permitted to pass through the arch but in the present day it is accessible to pedestrians.

The arch was designed in 1828 and erected on the Mall where it stood as a gateway to the rebuilt Buckingham Palace. Both the Palace and the Arch were designed by John Nash, an architect who found favour with the Royal Family at the time after a few years of little luck. An urban myth persisted that the Arch was moved in 1851 because it was too narrow for the Queen’s state coach and horses to pass through, but this was disproved as late as 1953 when the current Queen passed through it during her coronation ceremony.

Marriott Marble Arch LondonIn the present day, a major function of the Arch is to provide an easily navigable starting point for tourists looking to experience different areas of London. Placed as it is at the top of Oxford Street it is a good place to start if you are looking to go on a shopping trip, as Oxford Street is home to the British flagship stores of companies as diverse as Disney and Debenhams. It is, of course, also convenient for Hyde Park, so any history buffs in your party will be able to soak up some of the history of the Marble Arch either before or after visiting the park. And if you are planning to take in a show after all that tiring shopping or sight seeing, then there are all the theaters you could want in the nearby West End.

After all of that, a stay in the Marriott Hotel Marble Arch cannot be too far from the perfect way to round off your day. A landmark of understated elegance and glamor, the Marriott combines quiet, dignified class with modernity that sllows it to be an ideal location for business travel. With a health facility including gym and swimming pool, and a high-quality brasserie, the Marriott Marble Arch is worth visiting any time.

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