Hilton London Metropole

The name of Hilton is inextricably linked with quality hotels, with locations the world over showing themselves to be a benchmark for quality, but affordable traveler’s locations, and being linked with a certain glamour which has been bestowed upon the hotels equally by the celebrities who stay in them and the comparative expense of staying in a Hilton hotel as compared to most chains. Latterly there has also been an increase in interest in the Hilton name thanks to the exploits of heiress Paris Hilton, who is set to inherit some of the money from the chain’s incredible success when the current owner of the business, Barron Hilton, passes on.

The interest surrounding the name clouds the story of what is a genuinely high-quality hotel chain. By booking into a Hilton hotel one is guaranteed to benefit from quality service, comfort and good food, as well as having total convenience and a range of entertainment that is hard to top. Although there is some sense that the expense of staying in a Hilton Hotel puts it outside the price range of the average traveler, it compares very favorably with a lot of hotels which are scarcely any more luxurious or exciting than a Hilton. On top of this, the Hilton name is a guarantee of comfort, reliability and quality.

Hilton Metropole LondonThe Hilton London Metropole is an example of the Hilton Hotels philosophy writ large. One of Europe’s largest hotel and conference centres, it can play host to conferences with up to 3,000 delegates and is located right in the heart of London. It truly is the ideal location for a business conference in London, allowing high quality accommodation for a large number of delegates, and hugely impressive conference facilities for the event itself. With a range of suites that would put most hotels to shame, the London Hilton Metropole is also perfectly situated, just twenty minutes from Heathrow Airport by train and with excellent connections for the city itself, allowing you to attend to business during the day and then set off to take in some of the classic sights and sounds of London. When you return in the evening, you will have some of the most luxurious sleeping conditions you could wish for, with beds that have been termed “heavenly” by many commentators.

Hilton Metropole Hotel is to be found opposite Earls Court tube station, and close by to the music venue of the same name, and therefore would be a worthwhile place to stay for anyone in the city to catch a show. Five minutes’ walk away is Oxford Street, so if anyone is back home waiting for souvenirs of your trip to London, they need not be disappointed. For a good dinner you can avail of the room service, or pop out to try one of the many local restaurants, of which two of the most popular are the Royal Exchange and Dinings (both located within 500 meters of the hotel). You can expect to pay slightly over L100 ($130) a night, but those who have been regular customers agree that it is among the best value hotels in London.

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