Leisure Inn Hotel

Visiting London is one of those things that people always have on their to do list, and it would amaze you how many people get into their late adulthood before they ever get around to doing it, despite having intended to do so since they were little. One thing that stops a lot of people, even those living nearby to London, is the prices that one can expect to pay while in London – not least of which are the room prices charged for an overnight stay. You need to take a bit of money with you when you visit London, and not all of it will be spending money.

There are, consequently, many people who decide against a trip to England’s capital on the basis that even a night’s stay will cost them more than they are willing to pay. With some of the higher end hotels fully prepared to charge in the high hundreds and even into the thousands for a room, just finding a cheap hotel can be the toughest part of planning a trip to London. And by cheap, we do not mean “roach-strewn crash pad”, we mean “reasonably priced”. There are some options though, if you do not want to spend an astronomical sum, and one of these is the Leisure Inn Hotel. Located in the heart of London near to major tourist attractions such as Kensington Palace and Hyde Park, the Leisure Inn bills itself as a 2-star tourist class hotel. If this makes it sound unedifying, that would be unfair because there is a lot to recommend the Leisure Inn both to leisure tourists and business travelers.

Leisure Inn LondonAn undeniable fact about the Leisure Inn is that it is placed in an enviable location for a city centre hotel. If you have flown into Heathrow airport and taken the Express train service from there to Paddington, then the Leisure Inn is within 7-10 minutes walking distance for you. Should you prefer to get a taxi, the time will very much depend on the traffic, only to say that it could be a bit quicker than walking, or a lot longer. Unless you have a lot of luggage to cope with, the short walk would seem to be the best option for you, allowing you as it does to familiarise yourself with the area in which you will be staying.

Amazingly well-served by public transport, the Leisure Inn is just five minutes’ walk from the Queensway and Bayswater tube stations, making it an ideal hub for someone who may be intending to reach all corners of one of the busiest, most sprawling cities in the world. For this convenience, location and a surprisingly high level of quality in the rooms, the Leisure Inn can set you back as little as L28 a night ($40). It doesn’t need to be stressed that this is a huge saving on what you might have to pay in other hotels with a similar location. It proves that the words “cheap hotel” do not need to mean “rat-infested, run-down hole in the wall”.

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