Astor Victoria Hostel

Travelling on a budget is difficult. In keeping on the move, it is a sad fact that you will exponentially increase the number of things that can go wrong., so you often end up spending more than you had hoped or expected to. Getting from place to place can take longer than you expected, trains can be missed, and quite simply things can happen that throw you off course at inopportune times. If you can bring down the fixed costs that you must pay ΔΎ staying in a cheap hotel for example – you will allow more in your budget for contingencies. A reasonable decision to take in any circumstances.

The idea of staying in a hostel may not be seen as perhaps the most relaxing or classy way of spending your time in an unfamiliar city, and it is very true that the word “Hostel” has taken on negative connotations both for the fact that it is almost always preceded by the word “Youth”, and also for the Hollywood film that has done more to damage the reputation of hostels than decades of high-handed sarcasm ever could have. However it would seem that the people having the last laugh are the ones who ignore the bad reputation that surrounds hostels and go ahead and book themselves in. These people are saving money right from the get go.

The Astor chain of hostels is rapidly gaining a reputation for being a set of places where you can lay your head cheaply and comfortably while not having to live like a pig. Feedback from satisfied customers rings out from the Astor website, trumpeting phrases like “treated like royalty”, “bang in the middle of everything”, “home away from home” and numerous other glowing write-ups, each more enthusiastic than the last. For anyone who may be looking to spend some time in London and not spend too much while doing it, the Astor is a fine place to do it.

The Astor Victoria is a particularly well-located hostel, within walking distance of many of the sights that people pour into London to see. Accessible for Buckingham Palace and St James Park among others, the Victoria has a combination of rooms and dorms that enable big groups to stay all in the same place, or pairs and couples to have the convenience and privacy or a double or twin room. It is exactly the kind of place that will be ideal for first-time visitors, tourist parties and backpackers.

With some dorms large enough to contain eight beds, the Astor Victoria is just the kind of place that you should choose if you are looking to visit London as part of a group of first-time travelers. But with Private Twin rooms available, it is not the kind of place where a pair of friends or a couple need feel that they are not part of things. Although there does exist the caveat that you must be between eighteen and thirty-five to stay here, the Astor Victoria can be as cheap as L12 ($16) per person in the winter, and scarcely more expensive in the summer. If you are looking for a cheap hotel, it is the kind of place that might just tick every box for you.