London Boutique Hotels

What do we want from a hotel? Is it really just somewhere to lay our head in the evening when we are far from home, or do we expect more? Are we concerned with the level of comfort, or does it matter less that we enjoy the best of everything, more that we just get a decent night’s sleep? It is in answering these questions that we get the best idea for what kind of hotel is suitable for us to stay in when we are away from home. There are endless chains of hotels out there for the consumer who just wants simple accommodation. This leaves a gap in the market for something a bit more specialised.

The more specialised accommodation is to be found in boutique hotels. A term that is frequently used, “boutique hotel” has more than one meaning, or at least there is more than one kind of boutique hotel. What a boutique hotel has that differentiates it from the many chain hotels on the market is its independence. Its individuality, indeed. In a chain hotel, you can sleep in largely the same bedroom in France, England, America and Japan. The only differences will be in terms of available television channels, electricity supply and the language in which the fire safety instructions are posted on the door.

A boutique hotel can be profoundly different from any other hotel in a 50-mile radius. One boutique hotel will, in all likelihood, be markedly different from the next boutique hotel. It is this difference that marks them out, and makes them boutique hotels. Every city on the planet has their own boutique hotels, and in general one will find that the differences are more pronounced between those in different cities. A boutique hotel will generally take on something of the character of the city in which it is found. For example London boutique hotels will generally have a specifically English aspect to them that makes them what they are.

London Boutique HotelsAn example would be Blakes Hotel in South West London. Designed by the legendary hotelier and designer Anouska Hempel, Blakes Hotel has gained a reputation for being a classic example of the boutique hotel. Its individuality is not just in separating it from the rest of the hotels in the area, but in differing its rooms from one another. Each room is different, but all are based on classic yet simple design tenets. And the price for these rooms starts at less than $300 – a rare bargain in terms of individual luxury hotels – particularly in the case of a five-star hotel.

Another popular London boutique hotel is Dukes Hotel. Again priced (in some rooms, at least) at less than $300, this five star hotel offers an incredible range of amenities including air conditioning, wireless broadband and a two-line telephone in each room. Located in the St James’ area of London, the hotel has a quiet and understated beauty that makes it one to remember. If you are booking travel to London in times to come, why not think of a boutique hotel?