The Royal Suites

For business travelers, the option for accommodation often comes down to a simple choice – which hotel will you stay in? How much will it cost, and how long until you have had every meal on the room service menu and are sick and tired of the whole lot of it? The final question is often the easiest to answer – not very long at all. Being in a hotel can be a very pleasant change every once in a while, but only for as long as it actually is a change, and not the norm.

Once it becomes familiar, the small room can begin to feel like a prison cell. Granted, a very nice prison cell, but the lack of anything resembling change can be a real bar to feeling at ease and can really do harm to your frame of mind. It is for this reason that, if you are going to be away in London for a long time, you should consider a serviced apartment.

The Royal Suites LondonThe Royal Suites are located in Kensington, near to the genuine royal residence at Kensington Palace. And, as with any accommodation at the higher end of the market where it is found, this apartment complex is of the most opulent quality that you could wish for. Unlike a hotel, it allows you the perfect level of freedom, and means that if your situation allows you to bring your family, you can accommodate yourself, your spouse and as many as six others in style and freedom. Rather than eating from room service – always expensive – you can eat as you would at home, with a fully fitted kitchen allowing you to eat home cooking in a situation where it would normally be impossible.

The Royal Suites are located in a Victorian property, with the high ceilings of that era marking another change from the hotel set-up. In the average hotel room, ceilings are low (thus making the room cheaper to heat) which makes the environment feel somewhat claustrophobic and not really suited to long stays. It is not uncommon for people whose job takes them to a foreign city for weeks and more to move between hotels from time to time in order to avoid going “stir crazy”. This is not so much of a problem with serviced apartments, as they have a greater homely quality which allows the resident to feel settled and comfortable.

If you are feeling up for a bit of exploration, the Royal Suites are located within easy reach of the open gardens at Kensington Palace, a busy shopping district which offers large department stores and an enticing range of smaller shops with more interesting products – where you may well find the ideal gift that you never even knew existed. An added advantage if you are away on business is that the Royal Suites provide an excellent venue for entertaining. So if you have an appointment that requires the real touch of comfort and seclusion that is impossible in a hotel, you have the ideal location in a serviced apartment.