Leonard Residence

Visitors to London for reasons of business, or holiday makers who want a change from the typical hotel experience, are looking more and more at the advantages of going beyond the usual forms of accommodation and in some cases are treating themselves to a stay in some of the many serviced apartment residences that London has to offer. Particularly in vogue in the more opulent areas of London, the serviced apartment offers an increased level of flexibility that is not possible in most hotels, combining the service and convenience of a typical hotel with the personal privacy and homeliness of a regular apartment. For anyone who feels that hotels, for all their convenience, are largely cold and impersonal places, the serviced apartment is a solution that is worth looking at, particularly if one’s stay is going to be longer than just a few days.

Many people coming to London on business are not in the city just to provide quick, troubleshooting services or to attend a few meetings and then return home. There are many cases in which someone will have to make London their base for longer than just the few days that it takes to deliver an ad hoc service and consult with business colleagues. Sometimes their trip will have to be more involved, requiring them to be available at short notice while at the same time being ready to have a few days where they are not called upon at all. It is for this kind of business traveler that the serviced apartment is such a smart idea. For this reason, the residences on offer in parts of London are often a much better idea than a hotel.

Leonard Residence LondonBooking into a hotel for weeks, even months, will mean paying for a number of services at a premium rate that may never be used. Things such as room service and laundry service that may not be used for days on end all come under the cover charge that one pays when renting a hotel room. These services are either unavailable, or completely optional, under most serviced apartments and, as a result, a three month stay (for example) in a serviced apartment complex will work out considerably cheaper than the same stay in a hotel.

The Leonard Residence is smarter yet than a number of the alternative serviced apartment complexes available in London as, unlike a number of its rivals, it is available for short and long stays too. In its building at Number 15 Seymour Street there are apartments ideal for a short stay, which although classy and personal, are not furnished quite as definitively as the longer-stay apartments at Number 16. Number 16 has apartments with working fireplaces that make it feel like a home away from home. Whichever option you choose, though, is located mere minutes’ walk away from Oxford Street and Marble Arch, and gives you the chance to experience London in a way that means you can see the whole of the city with very little excess traveling.