Hyde Park Residence

For people who need to spend some time in London, but may not be in the city permanently and thus cannot see a reason to buy property there, there are options that some may not have previously considered. For example, apartment buildings with a range of accommodations that range from the small (almost studio-sized) location ideal for a single traveler to the larger apartments which can house an entire family. These are possible locations for someone in the city while overseeing the final stages of a business deal, for example, or even for those waiting on the completion of a newly built house. Although not cheap, a stay in a luxury-serviced apartment is becoming an option for some people due to how they allow the best of both worlds – giving the space and privacy of your own apartment with the service of an opulent luxury hotel.

Hyde Park ResidenceHyde Park Residence is one such complex of luxury apartments. Used by many of the higher income business travelers with reason to stay for an indefinite period, the blocks which are to be found at Numbers 55 and 60 Park Lane offer an incredible combination of luxury and privacy that makes the tenants of each room feel simultaneously at home and on holiday. To have the opportunity to stay in a hotel with such a personal touch is something that would make anyone feel quite blessed. The fact that it is located in one of London’s most opulent areas, Mayfair, is all the more reason why if you get the chance to stay at the Hyde Park Residence you should give it as quick a consideration as you can before saying “yes!”

From a hotel point of view, the rooms within offer concierge service, secure 24-hour car parking, maid service and dry cleaning, as well as dedicated staff who will ensure that your every beck and call is answered swiftly, efficiently and politely. Food needs to be ordered in from a takeaway service or cooked yourself, but with every apartment containing a kitchen this should pose few problems for anyone. Milk, mail and newspapers are delivered to your door every day, with an option for grocery delivery and, if you have brought your family to stay there is even a baby sitting service if you wish to step out for an evening and enjoy the attractions of Mayfair.

A booking at Hyde Park Residence is contingent on a minimum 90-day stay, which is paid for weekly, but if you have the details sorted out it becomes something of such beautiful convenience that you will wonder why you have stayed in basic hotels on previous visits. Wireless Internet connection is laid on, allowing you to be flexible both in your living situation and in your work. If you have special requirements, it is simply a matter of contacting the front desk and they can arrange just about anything that you ask of them.