Draycott House

The business traveler’s options in London are so varied that they actually provoke a real danger of paralysis through choice. There are countless guest houses and Bed & Breakfasts for the visitor who wants a bit more anonymity in their accommodation. Hotels give the benefit of convenience and generally a larger staff and more businesslike operation, allowing the visitor to concentrate solely on getting enough sleep and making their appointments.

The third option, and one that is gaining in popularity all the time, is the serviced apartment complex. An idea that is quite brilliant in its simplicity, the serviced apartment allows the person staying within to have a home away from home. Instead of having to spend days on end in a hotel that, while comfortable and even luxurious, has all of the warmth of a thrown knife the visitor can live a more home-like existence and benefit from the home comforts that a hotel cannot provide.

The serviced apartment can be highly luxurious – many are furnished to a higher level than the average family home – or simply a place to rest your head, but what any servoced apartment will have over any hotel is a genuine home-like feel that means a prolonged stay (for someone who has traveled to London in an advisory or consultancy capacity, for example, and may be required to stay for a long time) will not leave the visitor feeling like they are living a life that is limited by four walls and a low ceiling. It is the ideal solution for a medium term stay, which is too long to really be comfortable in a hotel, but not really long enough to make it worth renting a private apartment or house, which almost invariably come with at least a six-month lease. They are also an excellent way of accommodating a family – as small as you like or anything up to four or five children – while you wait for a house to become available if you are moving to the city.

Draycott House is certainly a serviced apartment complex that falls under the heading of luxury. Located in the Chelsea area – one of London’s most exclusive – it provides a level of comfort that hotels can only ever really dream of. The amenities and spaciousness are of a kind you would get in the best five star hotels, while the freedom and privacy are more along the lines of your own home. If staying on your own, there are one-bedroom penthouse suites, while if you have company there are two and three-bedroom suites available.

If you are staying in Draycott House you will also have the delights of Knightsbridge on your very doorstep. This means you are within easy reach of some of London’s finest and most exclusive eateries, and shopping centres such as Harrod’s and Harvey Nichols. To get an idea of just how exclusive Knightsbridge is, think of it this way. One of the banks that you will find in the area is Coutts – a very exclusive private bank. So exclusive indeed that its most famous customer is Queen Elizabeth II – who is reputed to have a Coutts ATM in the basement at Buckingham Palace.